Primakon team members are experts with more than 10 years of experience in implementation of solutions and consulting in the field of project management. Reliability and cooperativeness in work with clients have been proven by a series of successful implementations in various industries.

The Primakon team either operates as an extended project team of the client or works on behalf of the client in which case it supervises the whole project from the very beginning till its end, including the phases of project definition, design, contracting, construction and subsequent use.

MISSION – Primakon offers and implements comprehensive assistance for companies and individuals in the field of implementation and development of practical project management solutions from strategic to operational level with the view of enhancing the clients’ competitiveness.

VISION – to become an umbrella organization of partnership networks of highly-skilled consultants, which will take its position from the leading domestic consultant company in the field of project processes implementation for organizations to the regional level in all fields of improvement of business activities. Based on domestic knowledge, experience, high reliability and satisfied clients it will have an advantage over foreign competition in domestic and regional markets.

The only one and the leading company in Croatia, whose sole job is transfer and implementation of knowledge in the field of project management.
Primakon provides services of consulting and solution implementation for strategic management and project management in all industries.
Based on world-famous methods we have developed our own methodology which is applicable in our domestic environment, adaptable to customers and which quickly shows concrete results.
The Primakon staff has been actively working on the jobs of consulting and  implementation of solutions in project management since 1998.

We advise companies and project team members on key issues:

  • in planning, monitoring and control of investment projects and programmes

  • in creation of project solutions for a variety of investment strategies

  • in implementation of project and organizational solutions for companies

  • we determine whether:

    • project organization is able to execute project tasks
    • project is conducted in line with contracting parties’ requirements
    • reports are in line with real project situation
    • real project costs are higher than planned and, if so –  by how much? Why?
    • works are carried out as planned, if NOT – why? and who is responsible?
    • management techniques fit the project
  • impact and risk management during implementation

    • identification of key areas for risk occurrence – risk quantification – risk assessment strategy management
  • provision of project management solutions:

    • identification of client’s needs – provision of solutions – application of solutions to the project
  • assistance in making decisions on optimal solution choice of:

    • cost-benefit analysis
  • advising clients on selection and cooperation with designers and contractors, solving unplanned and unforeseen problems that have occurred during project execution